Be a Certified mentor

Being an internationally certified Mentor opens new perspectives. You will learn new tools and competences that will allow you to transfer your knowledge, develop the skills of others, contribute in a valuable way to your environment, be an internal reference in organizations and many other opportunities that open with work as a professional mentor.

Continue to grow and develop through the Mentoring and certify yourself with the largest entity in the world in this discipline. Welcome to the International Society of Mentoring.


Being a Certified Mentor brings different benefits in your personal and professional development, that's why every day more people are forming and certifying with us to be the leaders that transmit, train and develop value in people, teams and organizations.

When you certify with us you will obtain a unique registration that will accredit you worldwide as a Professional Mentor. In addition, you will be able to perform new leadership, training and skills development functions, both individually and within companies, expanding a new professional horizon.

There are many benefits of learning to transfer your knowledge and skills so that others can grow faster to achieve their goals. Become a Mentor of the International Society of Mentoring.

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